General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Trudy is driving the transport pod while Nefarious looks behind at Fooker, who has grappled onto the vehicle. Smoke rises from the skyline]]
Trudy: We'll be at the statue in a few minutes....
Nefarious: Rats! We have a cling-on?

[[Trudy is still looking ahead]]
Trudy: When did we pass a Star Trek convention?
Nefarious: NO! LOOK!
Fooker: Nefarious! Trudy!

[[Trudy and Nefarious glare]]
Trudy: Fooker!
Nefarious: James Baud!

[[Trudy and Nefarious look confused]]
Trudy: James Baud?!
Nefarious: Fooker?!

[[Trudy and Nefarious ponder the situation and realize the truth]]
Trudy: Fooker?! James Baud?!
Nefarious: James Baud?! Fooker?!

[[Trudy and Nefarious point out Fooker]]
Trudy: Nefarious! James Baud!
Nefarious: Stratego! Fooker!
Fooker thinks: If this goes on much longer, I'm going to ask who's on first base...

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