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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, September 3, 2002]


[[Nick turns to Ki]]
Ki: Nick, every word I've said is true. ALl those things Fooker and I told you about was leading up to this, and YOU are the key to her plot.

[[Nick turns to Trudy]]
Trudy: Puh-leeze. Can't you let your little insecurities go, Ki? Can you not trust your boyfriend alone for a few short months? How pathetic.

[[#18 punches a stormtrooper in the foreground while Nick, Ki, and Trudy are silhouettes in the background]]
Ki: If you're so pure and innocent, then how do you explain the _war zone_ we're standing in, Trudy? And why these stormtroopers obey _your_ orders?

[[Close-up of the three]]
Nick: Actually, that _is_ a pretty good quest-

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