General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[The image shows Nick & Ki helping Todd away from the Fookinator]]
Ki narrating: The young man we helped back in December said he came back in time to stop someone from altering the future.

[[The image on the left half shows the Fookinator with the right half of its skin torn away. The right half of the image shows Fooker being led away in court, with a tearful Sharon looking on.]]
Ki narrating: But the Fookinator was sent to both stop him and provide a basis for sending Fooker to jail, thus getting him out of the way.

[[The image shows Future Trudy surprising present Trudy]]
Ki narrating: Trudy's future self, already ruler of the world, sent it and came back herself to complete the plan.

[[The image shows Trudy in the act of committing arson on GPF.]]
Ki narrating: Armed with knowledge of future events, our Trudy burned down GPF, ran down my father, and set up your job to scatter us and separate you from the rest.

[[The image shows Nick doing something while spurred with the inventor's gene, while Trudy looks on.]]
Ki narrating: Once alone, she could cultivate your inventor's gene to build her key to obtaining power and the circle became complete.

Trudy: Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie. Where's your proof?
Ki: Right here, in your own handwriting.

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