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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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{{Part of the Surreptitious Machinations story arc.}}
[[Ki shows Trudy some papers.]]
Trudy: WHAT?!
Ki: Mind you, this is just a photocoy... the original journal should be in the hands of the press by now...

[[Nick begins reading the papers.]]
Ki: If nothing else, Trudy, you always were meticulous with the details...
Trudy (angrily): Where did you get that? My journal is always locked up safely!

Ki: Let's just say I had some help...
Trudy: The time-hopping brat! He somehow obtained it! I thought the old me took care of --

[[Trudy does that guilty big smile face.]]
Trudy: heh heh... My, was I saying something incriminating? I hope not...

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