General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Trudy, tears of rage streaming down her face, aims the handgun at Nick]]
Ki (voiceover, internal monologue): In that instant, time stood still. What must have been a few seconds passed like an eternity. I stood frozen behind Nick, unable to move.

[[Flashback on Empress Trudy, tears of rage, aiming the handgun at Future Nick]]
Ki: My mind was trapped by Todd's story of how Nick met his fate, and the eerie parallel seized my mind with paralyzing fear.

[[Nick stands firm. Trudy is having trouble keeping the gun level.]]
Ki: Yet, for some reason, he stood fast and unflinching. No fear, no concern... just grim determination.

[[Trudy is about to lose it]]
Ki: Did he know something I didn't...?

[[Panel is split diagonally; in the upperleft half Trudy's face is a rictus of anger; in the bottomright half Trudy's eyes soften and quiver]]

[[Trudy lowers the gun]]
Ki: Something about Trudy that even SHE did not know?

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