General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Narrator: Trudy lay at Nick's feet, clutching his leg, for the longest time. She seemed so pitiful, so small... so unlike the woman I thought I knew.

Narrator: At another man's order, a guard pried her away from us and carried her away. Surprisingly, Nick did nothing to stop them.

Narrator: At last, she looked up, and it was a different face that looked back at us, remorseful and sad. Then they vanished around the corner.

Narrator: That was the last time we saw Trudy... for a very long time.
Ki: Are you okay?
Nick: ... Yes.

Narrator: Nick was difficult to read... deeply introspective.
Ki: A-are you angry? Or sad?
Nick: No...

Nick: Just... disappointed.

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