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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Tuesday, September 24, 2002]

Renata, Kevin, and Ferris from Newshounds are © Copyright 2002, Thomas K. Dye. Used with permission.


[[Renata on camera, Kevin holding camera, Ferris looking surprised]]
Renata: ... whose journal chronicles a bizarre, twisted plot for world domination...

[[Kevin still holding camera, while Ferris is tugging his arm]]
Renata: Although much of it reads like a science fiction novel...
Ferris: (whispers) Um, Kevin...

Ferris: (whispers) Kevin!
Kevin: (whispers) Shh, Ferris! We're on live!
Ferris: (whispers) But Kevin, you _gotta_ see this!

[[Ferris and Kevin look at the Fookinator head which disappears]]
Ferris: (whispers) Is this thing supposed to do _that_?!

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