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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Monday, October 7, 2002]


Ki: What?! You're going to erase my memories again?!
Fooker: No, but I want my boss to think I am. Shh!

Fooker: I'm not going to erase yours, Nick's, Dwayne's, or Sharon's. I don't think it's fair, and I don't like doing it, especially after all we've been through...

Ki: And Trent and Dexter?
Fooker: Already wiped, so don't talk to them about it. They don't remember a thing.

Sharon: Fooker! Why doesn't Dexter remember we ever dated?!
Fooker: Crap. Now I have to wipe him again...
Dexter: Do I know you?

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