General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Nick and Dwayne are talking, Dwayne is in the bathroom shaving]]
Nick: Hey, Dwayne. You're looking quite chipper...
Dwayne: And why shouldn't I be?

[[Closeup of Dwayne]]
Dwayne: Fooker spoke at length with his superiors about clearing my name. With the evidence out there, it will be a cinch. We just have to go through the legal motions.

[[Dwaynes back is to the reader, looking into a mirror, Nick is standing to his left]]
Dwayne: Once that's done, they'll help with the insurance company. We'll be rebuilding GPF in no time!
Nick: I suppose having a secret agent for a friend has benefits.

[[Ki enters the bathroom]]
Dwayne: Best of all, they're flying us home soon. I can't wait to see Nicole and Sydney. I miss my two favorite women in the world!
Ki: Which explains the shave...

[[Nick points to his moustache]]
Dwayne: Heh... I can get away with it in prison, but not when I finally get home. Nicole hates facial hair...
Nick: Ya know, I might just keep my mustache. I think it makes--

Dwayne, Ki: No.
Nick: And it was unanimous, too...

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