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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Wednesday, October 16, 2002]


Ki: It's hard eough to lose someone, but a child... your child, and one you never knew you had... that turned out like him...

Persephone: Have you asked the others? Maybe they saw him...
Ki: None of them know Todd was my son. They had enough hard things to deal with. No one has seen him.

Persephone: And Nick?
Ki: I can't tell him. Not yet. Someday, maybe. But he has enough to sort through as it is, and he needs me to help him.

Persephone: Then I'll be here to help you, Ki. I know slime molds aren't very cuddly, but you could use a hug.
Ki: Yes. Yes, I can.

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