General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Fooker is on his crutches. Nick, Sharon, Ki, and one of the slime molds are getting into the van. Dwayne and Wisebottom are seated inside the van. Everyone has changed into civilian clothing except for Nick, who is wearing the same clothing as before]]
Fooker: Hurry up. This van will take you to the airport.
Nick: Thanks. Um, Fooker... are you sure about this?

[[Sharon has a sad smile on her face. Fooker and Nick shake hands]]
Sharon: He's sure. He knows what he's doing.
Nick: We're going to miss you, big guy.
Fooker: Take care of the molds for me!

[[Nick, Ki, and Sharon wave goodbye in the back of the van]]
Fooker: Smell ya later, gang!

[[The van pulls out of the UGA garage, and Fooker looks sad]]

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