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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

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Harkening back to the days of Oklahoma Nick, today's swashbuckling strip is from none other than Clan of the Cats creator Jamie Robertson. As you can see from above, Jamie is an incredible artist, and his compelling stories and deep and interesting characters make his strip surely one of the best on Keenspot. Make sure to warp over to his site and dig through the archives. It's well worth the trip.


[[Underground, Ki is chained to a swords and sorcery style altar.]]
Trudy: And now to the dark gods I shall spill your blood! Be thankful your life is given for such a grand purpose!

Nick: I've got to save the fair Ki before the evil Trudy can act out her diabolical scheme!

[[Nick is dressed like Indiana Jones.]]
Trudy: Nicholas Wellington?!
Nick: At your service.

Trudy: My dino demons will take care of you!!

[[Ki sits up from the altar.]]
Ki: Wait! Wait! Wait! This isn't how it happened!

[[Back at normal GPF reality.]]
Ki: Trudy accidentally dropped a banana peel in front of me. Nick slipped on it and bumped his head instead of me. So, yeah, he kinda saved me ...

Fooker: Yeah, from telling a ridiculous story.
Ki: Boy, that must have been some bump on the head.

Nick: No dino demons?
Ki: Those were the neighbor's chihuahuas. I think they were laughing at you.

{{bottom caption: General Protection Fault and all characters within are copyright 2002, Jeffrey T. Darlington.}}
{{note: Part of the Interpretations Guest Artist Week. This strip was drawn by Jamie Robertson of Clan of the Cats.}}

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