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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Tuesday, November 5, 2002]

Today's batch of weirdness comes from the King of Absurdity and High Priest of the Church of Fat Jesus!, Mike Leffel. Most of you have been wondering what became of Empress Trudy after her defeat at the end of Surreptitious Machinations... well, let's just say this is one of many possibilities. :) Mike is a great artist and one of Keenspot's most prolific artists. Start reading with Fat Jesus! and branch out to his many other works. Your funny bone will thank you.


[[GPF Guest Strip by Mike Leffel]]
Empress Trudy: BAH! They think they've WON? I've got more tricks up my sleeves! the day will be mine yet! It's time for Plan B!

Empress Trudy: I'll destroy Fooker by replacing Fred the Slime Mold with... FALCO! My genetically modified slime mold clone soldier! HAHAHA!! Nothing can stop Falco!

Falco: Duh... I'm hungry.
Empress Trudy: This is no time to worry about that! Your mission is about to begin!
Falco: But I wanna eat!
Empress Trudy: I said NO!

[[Falco tries to eat Empress Trudy]]
Falco: Nothing can stop Falco!
Empress Trudy: GAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Logically, Trudy soon moved on to Plan 'C'.

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