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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Saturday, November 9, 2002]

Yet another masterpiece from the blessed ink quill of Ian McDonald, scribe and overlord of Bruno the Bandit. It's no secret that Bruno is one of my favorite strips, and it's no wonder that Ian is one of my favorite fellow online cartoonists. Let it be my decree to all Faulties that they must click the above URL post-haste and immerse themselves within the archives of Ian's genius. If you don't like it, then I suppose that's okay; a rare few haven't tapped into his comedic inspiration. But I'm sure you'll be bookmarking that link before long and adding it to your regular comics schedule....


{{This GPF cartoon was guest-written and drawn by Ian McDonald, creator of "Bruno the Bandit."}}

Narrator: In a dank dungeon, in an unknown location, deep underground...
[[A dark corridor, at the end of which is a lighted doorway. Voices issue from the doorway]]
Trudy: Are you awake, my sweet?
Jeff: Groannn...

[[Jeff Darlington, wearing a Fred T-shirt, is chained to the wall. Trudy appears in her black dominatrix outfit]]
Jeff: T-Trudy?? Where am I??
Trudy: That's not important, love! What IS important is that your readers miss you, and want you back at your drawing board!

Trudy [[off-panel]]: They believe you're on "hiatus" from GPF. I have several web cartoonists doing guest strips for you!
Jeff: Hiatus...? Who did you get?

Trudy [[off-panel]]: Bill Holbrook, Thomas K. Dye, Chris Crosby, Mike Leffel, Michael McKay-Fleming, Jamie Robertson, Ryan Smith, James Kerr, Robb Tanner, Jim Alexander, Maritza Campos, Vince Suzukawa, T. Campbell, Ian McDonald...
Jeff: GAAAH! Are you trying to RUIN me??

Trudy: Quite the opposite! I want you to give the readers more of what they want: ME!!
Jeff [[off-panel]]: WHAT?

Trudy: I want to be the star of GPF! The strip should focus on ME! And, I want Nick to be my love slave, after I run over Ki with a steamroller!
Jeff [[off-panel]]: And if I refuse?

Trudy: Then I'll turn the strip over to one of the cartoonists filling in on your "hiatus." Whichever one would work cheapest!
Jeff: That'd probably be McDonald! But none of them can cartoon worth a darn!

Jeff: If one of those yahoos drew GPF, you'd lose all my readers! What good is being the star of a comic strip that nobody reads?

Trudy: Ulp!

Trudy: I can still break out the whips and hot irons, buster!
Jeff: Sounds like my bedroom on a Saturday night...
Trudy: Where do you think I got them?
{{Jeff: Thanx fer lettin' me draw yer comic strip! -Ian McDonald}}

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