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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Sunday, November 10, 2002]

Today's milk-squirting-out-your-nose-funny guest strip is from Ryan Smith, the diabolical mastermind behind Funny Farm. If you like the bizarre mix of humor and twisted, evil plots of GPF, then I strongly suggest you check out Funny Farm. Ryan's strip is one of the most twisted, deceptively complex strips out there, and well worth loosing several days to reading his archives. Go read it now!!!


{{Guest strip care of Ryan Smith, of Funny Farm fame.}}

[[Fooker is sitting at his computer, when, from off-panel:]]
Persephone: Fooker! We are in need of your assistance!

[[Fooker finds Persephone.]]
Fooker: What's the haps?
Persephone: Fred and myself had a little accident.

[[Fooker looks to see a spilled drink near the dining room table.]]
Fooker: Spilled wine? Why all the fuss over that?
Persephone: Actually, the problem occurred while attempting a clean up...

[[A moldy paper towel crawls across the floor. Fooker reels with shock.]]
Persephone: Be brave, Fred!

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