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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Monday, November 11, 2002]

Today's strip is from the venerable Thomas K. Dye, creator of Newshounds. Thomas' strip was one of the ones that first inspired me to take GPF to the Web, and it remains one of my personal favorites to this day. (In fact, his Newshounds (in human form) made several cameo appearances during Chapter Eight of Surreptitious Machinations.) Make sure to swing by his site and check out his awesome strip!


{{Guest strip from Thomas K. Dye of Newshounds fame.}}

[[Nick & Ki talking in Ki's Mom's kitchen.]]
Narration Text: Nick and Fooker visit Ki at her parents' house...
Ki: Has anyone seen Yoshi? He was here ten minutes ago.
Nick: I haven't seen him.

[[Fooker walks in carrying a moving sack.]]
Fooker: Neither have I...
Ki: Fooker, what have you got in that bag?

Fooker: Bag.
Ki: On your back.

[[The bag starts kicking, Ki's look turns sour.]]
Fooker: I'm taking out the trash for your Mom.
Yoshi: This trash STILL knows more than you about Quantum Physics!!

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