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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Tuesday, November 12, 2002]

Is that the demented scribblings of Chris Crosby, creator of the obsurdly funny Superosity, on my site? Why, yes it is! Chris' wacky characters bring new definition to the term "weird." (I still wonder just how much of the strip is autobiographical... I certainly hope the time travel parts aren't.) As for the thinly veiled advertisement for the forthcoming Fred Plush Doll, that was his idea. But we're still taking pre-orders, so reserve your Fred today!


{{Guest strip by Chris Crosby, of Superosity fame.}}

[[Fooker looks at Fred atop his monitor.]]
Fooker: What are you staring at, Fred? Why aren't you moving? Are you feeling--

[[Fooker sees Fred on his shirt's sleeve.]]
Fred: What's the haps, Fooker ol' buddy ol' pal?
Fooker: GASP!

[[Fooker points over his shoulder to the monitor.]]
Fooker: There're TWO of you! Did you split by mitosis AGAIN, Fred?!
Fred: No, that's the prototype for my plush toy! I've licensed out my likeness for fun and possible profit!

[[Persephone approaches and lovingly looks at Fred.]]
Fooker: Oh, but what kind of person would possibly buy a plush slime mold?
Persephone: I've ordered 20! He's so DREAMY!
Fred: My adoring public speaks!

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