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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Friday, November 15, 2002]

Today's strip is part of a special treat, as it's written by Fans! scribe T Campbell and illustrated by The Class Menegerie's principal Vince Suzukawa. It's also the first interactive GPF strip; click the strip (or this link) to cast your vote on our message board for which answer is the correct one. Then tune in tomorrow to find out how many of you were correct! Meanwhile, don't forget to warp over to T's and Vince's sites and check out their awesome strips!


{{This guest strip was written by T Campbell and drawn by Vince Suzukawa.}}

[[Box: More inescapable than a pop-under!]]
[[Box: More implacable than the RIAA!]]
[[Box: Deadlier than infected e-mail! It is...]]

Narrator: Suppose Nick and his girlfriend Ki are watching a report on Internet censorship in her mother's home country, and she says:

Ki: Idiots! What are they smoking over there? *I* could run China better than those Nazi stormtroopers!

Narrator: What should Nick say?

[[A black box appears with four possible choices]]
A) I'm sure you could.
B) I understand
C) Man, you're cute when you're mad
D) Hey, you sound just like Trudy! Um, boy, what a funny coincidence!

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