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[Interpretations: Guest Artist Week]

[Comic for Saturday, November 16, 2002]

The conclusion to yesterday's two-parter, written by Fans! scribe T Campbell and illustrated by The Class Menegerie's principal Vince Suzukawa. So, did you choose the correct answer? Make sure to warp out to this thread on the message board to find out how everyone else voted!

This also concludes our special guest artist "Impressions" weeks. Thanks for bearing with me on this little excursion, and make sure to give a big hand to our gratious guest artists! Tomorrow, an all new year's worth of GPF!


{{This guest strip was written by T Campbell and drawn by Vince Suzukawa. It is a follow-up to the previous day's guest strip.}}

Narrator: B) might seem like a safe answer, but it assumes knowledge he doesn't actually have.
Nick: I understand.
Ki: Really, Nick? You mean *your* relatives live in a soon-to-be police state *too*?

[[Inset of mother looking on, worried, as her child attempts to access the Internet]]
Child: ?

Nick: Well, we do have John Ashcroft...
Ki [[icily]]: It's not the same.

Narrator: And if you answered C) or D), all we can say is...

Nick: Uh... heh-heh...

[[Close-up of Ki's eyes, burning with fury]]
Narrator: Are you out of your *mind?!*

Narrator: Pick A) and back her up.
Nick: I'm sure you could. We all could. It's a tragedy... or "travesty." One of those.

[[Three-panel collage of Ki resting her head on Nick's shoulder, touching his arm, then continuing to watch the news, still indignant--but not at Nick]]
Narrator: Righteously indignant girlfriends are mad at the whole world, but not really at you. If she feels the world is against her, it's up to you to be her "only friend."

[[Panel of the studio, with a camera, light and boom mike visible in the background]]
Nick: Great! So, what do I say when she plays online for 36 hours straight?
Narrator: Um... sorry, out of time!

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