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Dexter: Ah, my raven-haired goddess... How your smile warms my soul with its radiance...

Dexter: I could lose myself forever in the deep, endless pools of your dark, lovely eyes... The sparkle whithin dances to the happy tunes in my heart...

Dexter: Ah, my geek goddess! Why must we be separated so ? Such distances separate us, but I would cross the infinite heavens to be at your side...

Dexter: BASK, Nick! Bask in the radiance of the convergence of geekdom and womanhood personified! You may have win Ki's heart, but MY prize shall be even GREATER!

Nick: Why is Dexter fawning over a picture of Megan Morrone from techTV's "screen savers ?"
Ki: He DOES know she's married, right ?
Sharon: I'M somewhat relieved, but I fear for Ms. Morrone's safety.

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