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[[Ki and Nick are sitting at a Teppanyaki table, next to a blond-haired woman in a fuschia shirt and (presumably) a man in a light teal shirt. The chef at the grill wears a white smock with a green ascot and tall green hat.]]

[[The chef, with a smile, pours from a bottle of brown liquid with a quick-pour spout.]]
Chef: Soy sauce. Japanese ketchup.

[[The chef chops something on the grill.]]

[[The chef twirls the knife that he was just using to chop the food, while using his large spatula to scatter it on the grill.]]

[[The chef bends down and flips a bowl onto the top of his hat with his spatula, while holding a cooking fork in his other hand.]]

[[The panel focuses on Nick and Ki, while the coloration suggests a minor pyrotechnic effect.]]
Nick: Dinner AND a show rolled into one...
Ki: That's Japanese efficiency for you...

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