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[[Kithinera is braced up in a tree. Below her, people are speaking.]]
Person 1: Are you sure this is the way?
Person 2: No, but I'm more sure of my sense of direction than I am of your cooking...

[[Below is revealed four people: a mage, knight, barbarian, and rogue.]]
Duncan]]: This isn't right. I sense danger. And do I smell smoke?
Nicholas]]: Fan out. Ready your weapons.

[[Back to Kithinera. She's strung her bow, and is readying an arrow for firing.]]
Person 1: Alas! A great struggle has happened! These poor souls. What do you think attacked them?
Person 2: Considering I just stepped in Orc poop...

[[Kithinera aims her bow]]
Person 3: Shh... I sense we are not alone...

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