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[[Ki's fantasy world. Kithinera is on the ground, surrounded by the other four.]]
Narrator: The strangers were unknown Kithinera, obviously from outside the Realm. Although they clearly had nothing to do with the attack, she remained wary.

[[Shows the group; Dwayne, Fooker, Sharon, and Nick]]
Narrator: A motley band they were...a mage, barbarian, rogue, and knight. All were human, and apparently all deferred leadership to the knight.

[[Ki looks alarmed as she looks at Nick]]
Narrator: But never had she beheld a human so noble in countenance and pure of spirit. Her heart raced at the sight of him despite herself.

[[A ray of light shines through the trees at Nick
Nicholas's head]]
Narrator: There was gentleness beside the determination in his eyes, and his voice was clear and soft.
Knight: I am Nicholas. Let me help you up. {{holds out hand}}

[[Back to Dexter and Sharon in the GPF office. Both stare at the screen]]

[[Dexter and Sharon laugh]]
Dexter and Sharon: Bwahahah!!

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