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Nick helps Kithinera
Ki up]]
Dwayne: Can we trust this stranger, Nicholas? How do we know she isn't behind this attack?
Nicholas: Because elven rangers don't use orcish arrows.

[[Show Nicholas
Nick and Kithinera
Nick: I believe she has come upon this travesty much as we have.
Ki: I am Kithenera, scout and emissary for the captain of the royal armies of Ethendale.

Nick introduces Duncan
Dwayne and Sharon, whose name remains the same]]
Nick: I am Nicholas, knight of Sternhelm, and this is my wizardly companion, Duncan.
Sharon: I am Sharon of Dirthwood, emissary to the King of Sternhelm.

Ki turns to Fookar
Fooker as Sharon rolls her eyes]]
Ki: And you are...?
Fooker: Fookar the barbarian, slayer of big ugly things and ravager of women, the most wanted blade this side of Rothland!

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