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Nick and Kithinera
Ki survey the scene]]
Narrator: Strange as they were, Kithinera quickly learned that the Party was just as innocent of the carnage as she.

[[Sharon bows to a king seated on his throne while Nicholas
Nick and Duncan
Dwayne stand by]]
Narrator: Sharon ahd been sent to the King of Sternhelm by a local governor to seek aid in the recent wave of Orc attacks. Nicholas and Duncan were sent to investigate.

Ki and Nicholas
Nick look at the captain's corpse. Nicholas looks thoughtful]]
Narrator: Much like herself, they had learned little beyond the obvious. But Nicholas feared a darker hand stirred this insurgence, and the Captain's stolen signet confirmed ihis suspicions.

Ki looks scared as Fookar
Fooker is attempting to stomp on something]]
Narrator: As for Fookar... well, he just tagged along, hoping to kill things.
Fooker: Die, cricket! Die! Ha!

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