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[Comic for Thursday, January 9, 2003]


[[The group is conferring with Kithinera]]
Nick: It seems we share a common purpose. Mayhaps it would be wise for us to combine our talents. Shall you join us, Kithinera?
Ki: I don't see why not.

[[Ki motions for the group to be quiet]]
Duncan: We could use your tracking skills. If we can follow the orcs' trail...
Ki: Shh! We are not alone...

Dexter towers over the party]]
Narrator: Sudddenly, the forest exploded as a vile, hideous shape burst into the clearing.

[[Sharon is snickering as Dexter is angry]]
Dexter: I'M AN OGRE?!
Trent: Actually, it seems pretty fitting if you think about it
Sharon: SNK

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