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Fooker holds Dex-tar
Dexter's severed head, which is almost as large as he is]]
Narrator: The Ogre was dumb and slow, however, and was quickly dispatched. For the time being, Fookar's blood lust was quenched.
Fooker: Ar ar ar!

[[Focus on the rest of the group]]
Ki: Ogres do not frequent these woods. This beast must have been sent to stop us.
Nick: Or to deliver a message from our adversary.

[[Fooker displays a phoenix feather]]
Nick: The ogre was a challenge, yes, but nothing we could not handle. Its master _knew_ it would be defeated, but would survive long enough to deliver _this_.

Dwayne, Kithinera
Ki, and Nicholas
Nick view the feather, while Fookar
Fooker barks]]
Dwayne: A phoenix feather! Rare indeed! Only in the heights of the Forgotten Mountains can this be found.
Nick: And so to these mountains we shall go.
Fooker: Arf arf arf

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