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[[Horse riders travel along a road across hills, the Forgotten Mountains in the distance]]
Narrator: The journey to the Forgotten Mountains would be long and treacherous. Kithinera used this time to get to know her new companions.

[[The group is around an open fire; Sharon sings and plays a lute, while Duncan
Dwayne casts cantrips as Kithinera
Ki watches]]
Narrator: At night, Sharon would sing bard's yarns while Duncan illuminated the circle with cantrips. Even boorish Fookar shared tales of his daring exploits.

Ki and Nicholas
Nick are looking into each other's eyes]]
Narrator: But it was to Nicholas her mind and eyes always returned. His humble grace and gallant ways charmed her, and she was certain this attraction was mutual.

[[Dexter and Trent are getting impatient as Sharon rolls her eyes]]
Dexter: Can we skip the mushy stuff and move on to more fighting?
Trent: When do _I_ come into this? If it has anything to do with Trudy...

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