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[[The group is seated at a tavern table. Various characters are strewn about the tavern, including Bruno the Bandit and his sidekick Fiona and Bob the Elf (from "Elf Life"). One warrior is passed out nearby.]]
Narration: As they neared the Mountains, they paused at a small tavern in hopes of finding a lead...

[[A small hobbit-like creature is atempting to get Kithinerai's attention.]]
Underhill: PSST!
Underhill: Psst! Hey, you! Elf! Over here!

[[Kithinera turns in her chair to face Underhill]]
Kithinera: Who are you?
Underhill: Name's... er... Underhill. Look, I need you to take this ring for me.

Kithinera: I don't want a ring.
Underhill: See, it's magic. Some Grey Wizard wants me to throw it into a volcano, but I'm lazy. Just take it and forget you ever saw me.

[[Kithinera turns away, annoyed, as Underhill gets angry.]]
Kithinera: I'm sorry. I don't--
Underhill: Just take the freakin' ring, Lady! Sheesh! It's not like some Black Rider's gonna hunt you down and kill you!

[[A Black Rider approaches Underhill. Kithinera turns to face him again, amused.]]
Kithinera: You mean like HIM?
Underhill: EEP!
[[A bony hand grasps Underhill's shoulder. He jumps.]]
Black Rider: Never mind thisss LITTLE one. I'll take him home. He'sss quite sssick..

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