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[Comic for Monday, January 13, 2003]


Ki wakes up, chained, in Trenton
Trent's presence]]
Narrator: Kithinera awoke to the maniacal laughter of her captor...
Trent's voice: Hold on a second...

[[Trent is talking with Dexter and Sharon]]
Trent: First they're in an inn. Now she's captive.
Sharon: Some authors don't write their works linearly. I guess Ki hasn't finished it yet.

[[Sharon examines Ki's notes]]
Sharon: Looks like there's a few general notes about a fight, the party scattered, and Kithinera captured. I think we're about to meet the villain.]]

[[Dwayne sternly looks in]]
Trent: Hmph. Any others surprises you'd like to share?
Dwayne: AHEM.

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