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[[Dexter holds Trent back]]
Sharon: Now, where were we?
Dwayne: We'll have to remember this. It could come in handy...

Trent confers with Gertrude
Trenton: While the rest of the party eluded my orcs, we were able to capture _this_ one, my lady...
Trudy: She will suffice, Lord Trenton.

Trudy: An elven ranger, of Ethendale no less. This presents a grave problem. If the men and elves unite against us, our plans shall be forfeit.

Trudy, giving orders to Trenton
Trent, gazes at Kithinera
Ki, who scowls at her.]]
Trudy: Such a lovely, comely lass... It shall be a shame breaking her. Torture her 'til she talks or dies, whichever comes first.

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