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Dwayne casts a spell, Fookar
Fooker grabs an orc, readying his bloodied axe, and Nicholas
Nick swings at an orc with his bloody sword]]
Narrator: The battle was brief but intense. Kithinera watched as her new companions made short work of the orc guards.

Nick and Trenton
Trent cross blades]]
Nick: The Warlod, however, proved a greater challenge. Fiercely, he deflected Sharon's arrows and Fookar's axe. Only Nicholas's blade proved a match.

Ki smiles as Duncan
Dwayne hands her a sword]]
Narrator: The clash of steel on steel rang across the countryside as the warriors fought. Duncan freed her from her bonds, a short sword awaiting her skilled hand.

[[The rest of the group looks horrified as they see Trenton's sword sticking out of Nicholas
Nick. Trenton
Trent lies presumably dead, Nicholas
Nick's sword stuck into his back]]
Narrator: But the battle was already finished, and if a victor could be named, he would be difficult to find...

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