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[Comic for Sunday, January 19, 2003]


Ki kneels beside an unconscious Nick
Nicholas, near a dead orc, as Sharon stands by. Nicholas
Nick appears to have entry and exit wounds from Trent's sword]]
Sharon: The sword pierced 'tween the armor plates, but he stilll lives!

Ki talks with Duncan
Dwayne: But not for long. His wound is grave, and my skill is not within the healing arts.
Ki: If I could ride with him to Ethendale....

Ki mounts Trenton
Trent's horse]]
Fooker: The journey is too long! He will not survive!
Ki: An elf can speak to a horse as others cannot. I'll ride alone!

Ki rides away with Nicholas
Narrator: So Kithinera took the lord's mount and rode swiftly across the plain, as the knight's life drained from its vessel.

[[Sharon, Dexter, Dwayne and Trent are watching]]
Sharon: Oooh, this is getting good...
Trent: Hrmf. Too predictable, if you ask me. No big surprise what happens next...

[[Ki approaches Sharon's office, looking at her watch]]
Ki: Nick's got errands to run, so I wonder if Sharon's up for some lunch...

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