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{{Flashback sequence. Justin, Fooker's brother, narrates this scene.}}

[[Young Fooker is razzing young Justin, while a man in uniform stands behind them both.]]
Justin: Growing up was tough for us. Dad was an army colonel, and he ran a tight ship. I thrived on discipline, but Jason didn't.

[[Young Fooker makes a funny face with pencils up his nose, while young Justin scoffs at this sight, standing next to an unimpressed woman.]]
Justin: He was wild and zany, which made being his younger brother rough. I always had to prove myself as a serious student, fighting to escape his goofy shadow.

[[At a university, Fooker has his bag on his shoulder, smoking and wearing a T-shirt. Justin is in an academy uniform, standing tall.]]
Justin: He was smart, but never applied his full potential. He barely graduated high school and squeaked into college. I, however, followed Dad's footsteps and entered a prestigious military academy.

[[Justin's father and Amadeus watch Justin from in an observation room.]]
Justin: I didn't know it, but Dad was grooming me for this "pet project" of his... the Undisclosed Government Agency...

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