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[[Mr. Barker arrives as Amadeus reviews some papers]]
Justin narrating: Only after the test results were compiled did Dad catch the mistake. By then, however, the damage had been done.

[[Mr. Barker storms off, while Amadeus looks cross]]
Justin narrating: Amadeus was so taken with Jason's innate skill that he refused to throw out the results. Furious, Dad stormed off, and abandoned the project.

[[Justin sweats and looks shocked while Fooker looks mildly pleased]]
Justin narrating: Without Dad's sponsorship, my hopes of entering the UGA were dashed. Amadeus hired Jason, and the rest, I suppose, is history.
Fooker: Well blows me down...

[[Nick looks somewhat angry while Justin looks enraged, snaping a pencil in half]]
Ki: It's good to see there's no hard feelings between you two over this...
Justin: GRRR...

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