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{{Torg and Gwynn are from Sluggy Freelance}}
{{Title: General Protection Freelance}}
[[A taxi sits outside a two story house. The doorbell rings]]<<DING DONG>>

[[A young blonde man opens the front door]] Torg: Well, hi! What's that? You're looking for Gwynn? Why,yes, she's here. Just a minute...

[[A young lady comes to the door]] Gwynn: Um, yes? Er, I'm sorry, but we're all broke so we don't accept door to door solicitations.

[[Gwynn suddenly looks alarmed]] Gwynn: You're not a bill collector, are you? I swear we'll have the lease payment by the end of the week...

[[Gwynn's eyes widen as her visitor speaks]] Gwynn, put your glasses on, you unbelievable twit. I swear, I'd rip your eyeballs out if you weren't already blind.

[[Gwynn, looking terrified, now knows, as does the reader because we finally see her, who her visitor is - Trudy Trueheart]] Gwynn: AAK! COUSIN TRUDY!
Trudy: Never were all that fast on the mental draw, were you?

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