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[[Torg is crouched beside a door with his ear pressed against it. A young dark haired lady, Zoe, stands behind him with her arms akimbo.]]
Zoe: Torg, What in the world are you doing?
Torg: Listening in on Gwynn and her cousin Trudy.

[[Zoe looks perplexed. She holds a finger to her chin in thought.]]
Zoe: Cousin Trudy? Gwynn never told me she had a cousin. In fact we never talked about her extended family.
Torg: She just dropped in for a visit.

[[Zoe, arms crossed, looks annoyed]]
Zoe: You really shouldn't be snooping on them, Torg. It's impolite.
Torg: I think I heard one of them say something about world domination.

[[Both Zoe and Torg have their ears pressed against the door]]

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