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[[Trudy enters the home of Gwen, Torg, and Zoe]]
Trudy: And don't forget, I was never here and you never saw me.
Gwen: No problem. I can't afford my glasses now...

[[Trudy stands by Torg and Zoe sitting on the couch]]
Trudy: You might want to convince your friends of the same thing.
Torg: [[Trying rather unconvincingly to appear nonchalant as if he wasn't eavesdropping]] But Zoe, is aerosol cheese real cheese, or just an imposter?

[[Trudy walks by Bun Bun, who is propped on the stair banister]]
Trudy: Bun Bun.
Bun Bun: Trudy.

[[Gwen does a one-eyebrow lift]]
Trudy: Professional courtesy.
Bun Bun: Poker Thursday, toots.

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