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[Comic for Tuesday, February 25, 2003]


Trudy: I have a SISTER?!
Mrs. Glowerhausen: Sigh. Yes, you have a little sister. I gave her up for adoption right after she was born.

Mrs. Glowerhausen: She has no idea who her birth parents are, and I want to keep it that way. So don't try to find her. For all purposes, she doesn't exist.

Trudy: B-but why did you get rid of her?
Mrs. Glowerhausen: Because your father wanted another child and I didn't. So I took an extended "business trip," had her, and came back. He never knew.

Trudy: I thought you had a hysterectomy...
Mrs. Glowerhausen: This was before then. Let's just say there was copious amounts of alcohol involved...

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