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[[Trudy storms into her mother's office.]]
Trudy: You cold-hearted, traitorous witch! So I'm no longer convenient, am I? Time to take out the trash!
Trudy's Mom: What in the world are you talking about?

[[Trudy points angrily to the exit.]]
Trudy: The thirty or so FBI agents outside ready to storm the front door! You decided to turn me in after all!
Trudy's Mom: I didn't call them!

[[Trudy's Mom stands up indignantly.]]
Trudy's Mom: The last thing I want is the Feds barging in here and learning about my OWN illegal practices! I didn't tip them off!
Trudy: Well, then who DID?

[[Trudy's father appears in the doorway.]]
Trudy's Dad: --I-- did.
[[Trudy and her mother look absolutely shocked.]]

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