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[[Scene: The GPF offices. Sharon is sitting at her desk, looking at her monitor. On the wall, a poster of the Gamester is smiling.]]
Sharon, thinking: Uh oh... Here we go again...

[[Dwayne's office. Dwayne is at his desk. Sharon enters.]]
Sharon: Dwayne? Got a sec? I think our cracker is back...
Dwayne: On my way.

[[Sharon and Dwayne walk back to her office.]]
Sharon: This is the third time this month. He's still not getting past our firewall, but he's trying some sophisticated hacks.

[[Sharon sits at her computer. Dwayne stands behind and looks over her shoulder. The poster of the Gamester has changed its expression, looking worried or unhappy instead of smiling.]]
Dwayne: Are you sure it's the same person?
Sharon: Fairly. He's smart enough to hide behind different IP's, but he's using the same basic formula each time.

[[Dwayne puts his hand to his chin and frowns slightly in concentration. Sharon turns her head toward him.]]
Dwayne: I wonder if this is the same hacker that Fooker said attacked us over a year ago?
Sharon: Could be. Do you know of anyone who might want to attack us?

[[Scene changes to Yoshi's room. Yoshi is sitting at his computer, frowning. His friend Scott stands behind him.]]
Scott: Dude... Denied!
Yoshi: Bah. Stupid firewall. Next time I'll just do another DDOS.

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