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[[Yoshi is sitting at his computer, downtrodden. His friend, Scott, who has a punk haircut, is playing something on a console system.]]
Scott: Tosh, dude. Drop the hackin' stuff and play some GTA.
Yoshi: I can't believe I STILL haven't cracked that firewall...

[[Yoshi slides his chair closer to Scott. Scott looks up from his game.]]
Scott: Dude, what's your deal with them? You've been hacking that company for weeks.
Yoshi: I used to know the Sys Admin there, but they've got someone new. Gotta break her in.

[[Scott goes over to Yoshi's desk and picks up a picture.]]
Scott: That the place your sister works at?
Yoshi: Yeah, her and all those losers. All except Fooker, and he's the guy that left.

[[Scott's eyes widen as he studies the picture.]]
Scott: Dude... Your sis is major babe-age...
[[Yoshi's eyes narrow.]]
Yoshi: Sheesh, Scott! Don't make me hurl my lunch!

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