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[[Scott & Yoshi are in Yoshi's room. Posters of chemical elements and such adorn the walls. Scott approaches Yoshi, whose head is down.]]
Scott: Why do you keep trying to hack your sister's work network?
Yoshi: Dunno. Just a challenge, I guess.

Yoshi: I mean, I've hacked more secure nets, like the DoD and the FBI. But I just wanted to match wits with Fooker, I guess. That, and S1r3n dared me to.

[[Yoshi leans on his elbow and puts his head in his hand.]]
Scott: S1r3n? That the dude you used to hang with on IRC?
Yoshi: Yeah, 'til he just dropped off the 'Net. Haven't heard from him since.

[[Scott looks away, allowing his hair to cover his entire head.]]
Scott: Dude, I wish I was half as smart as you. You rock.
Yoshi: Scott, do something about that hair. From this angle, you look like Cousin Itt.

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