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[[Yoshi is sitting in his chair by his desk and Scott has moved closer, sitting on the floor.]]
Scott: So why do you think S1r3n dropped offline?
Yoshi: Dunno. I think he was into some serious illegal stuff. So maybe the Feds nabbed him.

[[Scott looks up, hopeful.]]
Scott: Whoa... Was he, like, hackin' big sites? Swipin' credit card numbers?
Yoshi: Nah. He tried to act all techie, but he didn't know squat. Even called him on it.

[[Close-up of Yoshi.]]
Yoshi: He was into something big about a year ago, and told me to start watching the news about his "big plan," but all I saw was that whacked C.R.U.D.E. stuff in New York.

[[Scott looks down, amazed.]]
Scott: Wasn't your sister and her boredfriend there? Did they, like, get to see stuff blow up? That woulda been kewl...
[[Yoshi's eyes narrow sarcastically.]]
Yoshi: You SERIOUSLY need to get a life...

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