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[[Yoshi turns back to his computer.]]
Scott: What do your folks say about you hackin' and hangin' with online crooks?
Yoshi: They're about as stupid as they are ignorant.

[[Yoshi turns back to Scott.]]
Yoshi: Mom's too involved with her new job while Dad's recovering from his accident. She's hardly home, while he's got his proud head up his proud butt. I've got free rein.

[[Yoshi hunches over in his chair, toward Scott.]]
Yoshi: Besides, they're too busy telling Ki what to do to bother with me. I can't wait to see them meet her loser boyfriend, Nick. Someone else for Dad to feel superior to...

[[Scott stands and looks at Yoshi's monitor. Yoshi jumps.]]
Scott: Dude, you just got an IM...
Yoshi: Yeah... From S1r3n!

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