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[Comic for Friday, March 21, 2003]


[[Scott leans over the back of Yoshi's chair. Yoshi starts typing to S1r3n.]]
Scott: Dude, you got an IM from S1r3n? The online crook dude?
Yoshi: Stop saying "dude" so much. You sound like a stoned 80's skater.

[[Yoshi & S1r3n IM back & forth.]]
S1r3n: yo, b0r0m1r. you online?
b0r0m1r (Yoshi): i'm here. where have you been? you've been offline for a while...

[[Scott's point of view, over Yoshi's shoulder.]]
S1r3n: on the run. feds tailing me. at library now, first chance online since. big plans didn't pay out; you're last friend i've got. sending file; keep it safe.

[[Yoshi accepts the file, typing away. Scott gets shaky, he's so anxious.]]
Yoshi: S1r3n used to send me stuff hidden in images using steganography...
Scott: Dude, this is SO James Bond!

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