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[Comic for Monday, March 24, 2003]


[[Client is smiling]]
Trent: So we can set you up a complete CRM solution to integrate with your existing internal applications.

[[Client looks intriqued]]
Trent: Our team can use Corba and Java OOP using XML to link your IIS through ASP, JSP, or even PHP, giving you a competitive ROI.

[[Client looks incredibly happy]]
Trent: We'll link the CRM to your RDMS ASAP, while keeping within your SEI CMM KPAS. And FYI, our IT staff is A-OK and OTJ.

[[Dwayne looks at Trent, confused]]
Dwayne: You DO know exactly what you're promising him, right?
Trent: Not a clue, but I know I'm half-way through the alphabet...

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