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[[Dwayne walks by Nick's office. Nick is seated, holding his head, looking at a paper.]]
Dwayne: How goes the analysis of Trent's Goodman Rubber proposal, Nick?
Nick: Ugh. Dwayne, this is a NIGHTMARE.

[[Dwayne approaches and looks at Nick.]]
Nick: I don't think Trent has a clue what he's offering. Most of our web servers are Apache on Linux or FreeBSD; he has us using IIS on XP. We don't use IIS for security reasons.

[[Nick looks at the proposal angrily.]]
Nick: On top of that, I don't think we have the knowledge or manpower to pull this off. I know -I- don't have training in half of this, and most of these technologies aren't even related!

[[Dwayne's eyes narrow towards the door. Nick raises an eyebrow.]]
Dwayne: I think we need to have a long talk with Trent...
Nick: And RXQL? What the heck is THAT? Was he just making up acronyms?

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