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[[Nick and Dwayne confront Trent in his office. They are NOT happy. Trent leans over the back of his chair.]]
Dwayne: Trent, we have to talk about the Goodman Rubber proposal.
Trent: Fire away, Mr. D!

[[Dwayne & Nick are looking angrily at Trent.]]
Dwayne: Nick has analyzed your document and, frankly, it's impossible to carry out!
[[Nick points to the proposal.]]
Nick: It will take us 20 years with 250 people to pull this project off!

[[Trent shrugs off the accusation. Nick points again at the document.]]
Trent: Details, details...
Nick: Most of these technologies won't even work! This one item even calls for us to break the speed of light!

[[Trent looks slyly at them. Nick looks again at the proposal inquisitively. Dwayne puts his hands on his hips.]]
Trent: You boys are just failing to see the big picture...
Nick: Although I might have a way around the speed of light thing...

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