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[[Trent throws his arms around Nick and Dwayne. Dwayne is surprised to be touched.]]
Trent: Look at this from the big picture, will you now, chums?
Nick: "Chums?"

[[Trent makes his smile a little more casual. Dwayne narrows his eyes at Trent.]]
trent: We want Goodman Rubber to stay one of our most loyal clients, right? So what's the best way to do that?
Dwayne: Do what we've always done?

[[Trent snaps his head over to Nick and puts on the greasy smile, again. He pokes Nick's nose with his own.]]
Trent: WRONG! We lock them into a long term contract with stiff penalties for early withdrawl. That way, we own their butts if we win OR lose!

[[Trent turns back to Dwayne, who is starting to get angry.]]
Dwayne: So doing a good job and building customer trust and loyalty means nothing?
[[Trent smirks.]]
Trent: Ah, you still live in the 19th Century. How quaint.

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